Past Events:

March 2005

Sly Dog is finished!

Yes! We have completed the film and are now entering festivals! Do you think we're a good fit for your favorite film festival? Send us an email and let us know!

Sly Dog Wrap Party: October 16th

Thanks to all who attended the Sly Dog Wrap Party. We all had a great time! Thanks to Elijah who provided us with the music, Kurt who let us use his house for the party, and Mary and Krishna who help put together the party.

September 24, 25th, and 26th We Successfully shot Sly Dog.

The Weather was great, the neighborhood welcomed us and the crew worked very hard. We would like to thank everyone that worked so hard to make this production possible. We would also like to give a special thanks to the Stroud Family and Lisa Grove for letting us in their homes to shoot this film.

Thanks to all of you who made our party/fundraiser a success on Saturday!

Everyone had a fantastic time listening to great music and eating delicious food. Thanks to Rope-A-Dope and The Long Ranger for providing us with wonderful music.

September 11th: "PARTY and FUNDRAISER for Sly Dog supporters!"

End O'Summer Fling BBQ
Live Music
Beer and Wine

Thanks again to every single one of you for all your hard work, kind wishes and support! We could not have pulled off this event without all of your combined efforts.

Despite the low head count and the hot environment, after paying the caterer and paying back all the other outstanding bills...we made $4,000! This money is free and clear for use on the film and we will deposit it in our account asap! In order to keep our actors and stay on track for our shooting schedule, we need to raise $6,000 more by the end of August 2004! We are still under the 501(c)3 umbrella through Wiggly World. Cash donations made for $50 and above are tax deductible!


The World Premier Auction for the Non Profit Local Film, Sly Dog!

Live and Silent Auction
Fine Food and Beverages

Thanks again to all the wonderful bands who helped us raise money for Sly Dog. The Godawful Small Affair brought in $800.00. The entire $800.00 will be used for the Silent Auction.

April 17th: "A God Awful Small Affair" (David Bowie Tribute Night), Fund Raiser at the Hideaway.
Bands to play: Black Nite Crash, Pleasurecraft, Coulter, Fey Ray,
Chop Logic, Ripley, and The Stereo Future.

February 2004: Sly Dog received Wiggly World non profit status grant and support.